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Roll Over Breakfast Blend

Roll Over Breakfast Blend

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Description: Getting out of bed in the morning is ruff. But there’s no need to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over for extra sleep when you’ve got Roll Over Breakfast Blend waiting to ease you into the day. This simple, smooth, easy-drinking coffee with a solid, sweet base will put a smile on your face all day.

Tasting Notes: maple, milk chocolate, nuts

Region of Origin: Peru

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Suzanne McCurdy
Tasty coffee!

My husband and I both love this coffee! The smell, the aroma, and the stuff that goes down!

Rosemarie LaTourette
Well behaved coffee!

Very smooth, lots of body, excellent flavor. My favorite....

Jamie Sanders
Double duty

I was mostly buying the coffee to help support an animal sanctuary, but ended up really happy with the coffee because it tasted fabulous and very high-quality..

Cherry Caouette

Absolutely loved this coffee!

Becky Young
Hugo coffee

I had had 4 different coffee and I love them all. I will definitely oder more.