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Hugo Coffee Roasters

New Trick Cold Brew

New Trick Cold Brew

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Tasting Notes: tart, toffee, lime

Region of Origin: Central American

Different, exciting, and full of personality, much like the coffee drinkers who appreciate it. New Trick Light Roast is not like the other coffees sitting in your cabinet. It’s lightly roasted so that more of the beans’ natural flavor and caffeine remains. In the tradition of coffee’s third wave (and as its name suggests), this edgy blend is roasted specifically for the adventurous and learned coffee connoisseur.
Now you can bring the coffee shop experience straight into your kitchen and onto your campsite with Hugo Coffee's New Trick Light Roast Cold Brew. These hand-selected and meticulously roasted beans make it easier than ever to whip up your own top quality, cold brew concentrate. Bright. Bold. Sweet. Smooth. With this refreshing jolt at the ready, surviving the dog days of summer is a breeze.

Choose from:
  • 16 oz. Coarse Ground
  • 5 lb. Coarse Ground
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New Trick Cold Brew



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