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Dog Daze Cold Brew

Dog Daze Cold Brew

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Description: Bring the coffee shop experience straight into your kitchen and into your campsite with Dog Daze Cold Brew. These hand-selected and meticulously roasted beans make it easier than ever to whip up your own top quality, cold brew concentrate. Strong. Bold. Rich. Smooth. With this refreshing jolt at the ready, surviving the dog days of summer is a breeze.

Tasting Notes: chocolate, nut, spice

Region of Origin: Central Africa

Customer Reviews

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Christmas Gift

This coffee is how you want to start the day; it’s so smooth. I absolutely love it. The aroma and flavor just perks and gets you up in the morning. It was a Christmas Gift for my husband, but I ended up stealing it! Sorry, not sorry.

Utah Coffee in Brooklyn!? Hell Yeah!!

Being in lockdown in Brooklyn limits your choices on Cold Brew varieties. I found this delight on Amazon and it eclipsed everything I could find in my neighborhood and elsewhere. I love Dog Daze Cold Brew. It helps wake up, its low acid which means less heartburn (thats why I moved to Cold Brewing) and its delicious. The problem I am experiencing is I am drinking so much coffee I can't sleep at night.

Dog daze

My favorite coffee ever. So rich so much flavor.

Great cold brew

Made a couple batches of cold brew coffee so far. The coffee is delicious and has notes of chocolate on the nose

Katie Wright

Dog Daze Cold Brew

Our Mission

We love coffee and dogs, and not necessarily in that order.

Hugo Coffee donates 10% of it's profits to dog rescue organizations, including Best Friends Animal Society Utah and Nuzzles & Co. Additionally, we collaborate with our retail partners on adoption and education events, and we hold our own fundraisers all to add to our give back.

  • If you've bought a bag of Hugo Coffee, you have helped us provide: 

  • - 4,102 Meals
    - 174 Spay/Neuter Operations
    - 2,790 Vaccines
    - 996 Dog Beds

Sustainable Coffee at Hugo

Fair trade, organic, non GMO, responsible, ethical, sustainable, single origin, small batch… There are a lot of terms applied to coffee nowadays. Here’s what we think matters and what we’re 100% committed to at Hugo Coffee Roasters:


Sometimes, however, we deal with small family farms and/or co-ops. In the case of single estates, we know who is growing the beans and managing the farm. In the case of cooperatives, we know how they’ve come to be and that schooling, healthcare and fair labor practices are ensured for all family member


Hugo Coffee Roasters is located in a progressive mountain community that celebrates its natural environment. Park City and Summit County, Utah have pledged to run on 100% renewable energy by 2032. We’re doing our small part in a couple of important ways. Our Diedrich roaster heats Hugo Coffee beans with a combination of natural gas and infrared heat, thereby using less energy than traditional coffee roasters. A second machine called an oxidizer processes particulates and smoke created during the roasting process, leaving the air cleaner.


John, considers everything from varietal to region to the precise altitude beans were grown at in order to inform Hugo Coffee’s small batch approach to roasting. This tightly controlled process and the subsequent blends are how we ensure your sacred coffee ritual remains consistent day in and day out.