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Bonafido Dark Roast

Bonafido Dark Roast

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Description: Comprised of our unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans with pleasant, tannic acidity, Hugo Coffee's Bonafido Dark Roast is tasty, reliable, and satisfying. Pour it to everyone’s satisfaction. Make an extra pot while you’re at it because they’ll be back for more. A bold and round coffee experience built for every cup. Rich flavor. Big mouthfeel. What coffee is supposed to be!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South American

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Janice Straight

Hugo coffee is a wonderful surprise. The flavor is bold but also carmely on the tongue.

Toni Youngblood
Rich flavor without burned taste

Rich flavor without burned taste.

Catherine Husenau France
Coffee bought for Alisha to support the Sabl in WY ***

I live in France and cannot buy coffee for myself. I bought some to support Alisha and the Sabl. You have to ask Alisha... Best regards
Catherine (France)

Andrea Robinson
Delicious dark roast

Hugo Coffee never let’s me down. Delicious every time!

Michelle Nugent
My favorite coffee

I’ve been purchasing Hugo coffee for two years now, even after moving from Colorado to Alaska. Bonafido and Black Paw are my go to blends. Coffee is delicious and I’m always here for supporting dogs.