Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags
Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

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Description: NEW! The easiest way to enjoy high-quality, craft Hugo coffee - anytime, anywhere. Our single-serving brew bags give you a coffee-house cup of Hugo's hand-roasted artisan coffee without the need for machines, pods, or extra equipment.

Just add 8-10 oz of boiling water and steep like a teabag! Our Bonafido single-serving brew bags are pre-filled with your favorite Hugo dark roast and ground and portioned out perfectly to brew a delicious cup. Unlike pods, these brew bags are biodegradable and guilt-free.

The best part? We donate 10% of our net profits to dog rescue organizations!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South America

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Bonafido Single Serving Brew Bags Perfect for Camping Travel Work

Bonafido Single Serving Brew Bags Perfect for Camping Travel Work Hotel
We are regular HUGO Bonafido aficionados - 'recently traveled for the first time since last Mar.
Reticence re: using a coffee maker in hotel / rental property reminded me re: their single serving brew bags.
So - we gave them a go...YAY! DELICIOUS!
Fully satisfying flavor, consistent Bonafido roast coffee; each brew bag brews an 8-10 oz. portion.
These are individually packaged and stow easily. These will now be on every packing list / camping list in our household!
Packaging is easy to open - no hassle.
Best of all - it's our favorite, HUGO COFFEE; and portion of proceeds from every sale goes to help save dogs!
5 PAWS (stars)!


Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

Very convenient, not as tasty as expected

Being able to brew a single cup of coffee at work in the afternoon is great convenience, it taste better than a K-cup product but not the same as my morning drip coffee.

Love this coffee! ❤️

I live in Seattle and I have coffee stand on every corner:) But every time I come to Park City one of the first places I go to is Hugo Coffee. I love that I single brewing bags that I can order and have delivered to Seattle! I just pop them in a Hugo Coffee Mug and I am good to go! ❤️❤️🐶