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Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags
Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

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Description: NEW! The easiest way to enjoy high-quality, craft Hugo coffee - anytime, anywhere. Our single-serving brew bags give you a coffee-house cup of Hugo's hand-roasted artisan coffee without the need for machines, pods, or extra equipment.

Just add 8-10 oz of boiling water and steep like a teabag! Our Bonafido single-serving brew bags are pre-filled with your favorite Hugo dark roast and ground and portioned out perfectly to brew a delicious cup. Unlike pods, these brew bags are biodegradable and guilt-free.

The best part? With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South America

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Renze
hugo coffee

Greaat tasting!

Lisa E.
Best product ever!!!

I LOVE these single serve Brewbags….they come in so handy for travel, commuting, at work, vacationing, or just to have on hand. Delicious, and no muss, no fuss! Wish I had known about them when I was moving and couldn’t find my coffeemaker! AND they are earth friendly AND help our 4 legged friends. What could be better? Worth every penny!

neil a miley

Price is too high

Teresa Zink

The bags are great. You can make the coffee according to your own preference — strong or weak.

Barbara Scapelitte

This is good coffee and a convenient way to “brew” my carafe drip coffee.