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Bonafido Dark Roast

Bonafido Dark Roast

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Description: Comprised of our unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans with pleasant, tannic acidity, Hugo Coffee's Bonafido Dark Roast is tasty, reliable, and satisfying. Pour it to everyone’s satisfaction. Make an extra pot while you’re at it because they’ll be back for more. A bold and round coffee experience built for every cup. Rich flavor. Big mouthfeel. What coffee is supposed to be!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South American

Customer Reviews

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Linda Y.
Bonafide good!

I love dark roast coffee and Bonafido dark roast is really good. Strong enough to get you going. Tastes bold and smooth without being bitter. I love that it supports unwanted, homeless animals.

Carla Yeast

Addicted bought the 5 lb bag size - smooth without taking away the richness of the bean.

Sean E
Bonafido dark roast

I tried this company on a whim from a Facebook ad. Being an animal lover myself, the fact that they help animals is always going to score points with me. But even without all of that, it is excellent coffee. Definitely will keep them and my rotation from now on

Dark Roast...Love the flavors!

Silver Star Condo had a gift basket with Hugo Dark Roast ground coffee in it. Tried it on the last day and now I am a convert! Will definitely take some home and order as well. The flavors of chocolate are delicious and bold at the same time. Great story on the website! Love it!

Esther Rossi
dark roast

loved the coffee nice bold strong taste thank you.