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Dog Daze Cold Brew Packs
Dog Daze Cold Brew Packs
Dog Daze Cold Brew Packs

Dog Daze Cold Brew Packs

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Tasting Notes: chocolate, nut, spice
  • THE SIMPLEST WAY TO ENJOY COLD BREW COFFEE: Bring the coffee shop experience straight into your kitchen and onto your campsite with Dog Daze Cold Brew Coffee Packs. These hand-selected and meticulously roasted beans make it easier than ever to whip up your own top quality, cold brew concentrate. Strong. Bold. Rich. Smooth. With this refreshing jolt at the ready, surviving the dog days of summer is a breeze.
  • MADE FOR COLD BREW: Dog Daze is roasted and coarse ground specifically for cold brew coffee. Our expert roasters perfected our superior cold brew coffee packs after multiple blind taste tests. Hugo's secret roasting process brings out the smooth tasting notes of chocolate, nut, and spice. Our beans are responsibly sourced in central Africa and roasted with intention.
  • NO COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER NEEDED: Simply add our cold brew tea bags to cold water, let them steep for 12 hours, and enjoy! Our large biodegradable bamboo bags are designed for uniform extraction so that you can enjoy the most sophisticated cup in any location. The simplicity of our cold brew coffee pods is ideal for hiking, camping, picnics, and travel. 
  • With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation.
Dog Daze Cold Brew Packs

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Eden Tropp
Great coffee, convenient packs

I love their coffee and these cold brew packs are really convenient! I made it a little less strong than recommended. It's delicious and helps animals!!

Mary Ann and Judy

Tried this coffee about a year ago and haven't looked back!

Stephen Bigham
Not Bad

Good but not as smooth as I hoped.


This is going to be a go-to for the dog days of summer 😀

Sarah Robertson
Amazing! Easy & flavorful

We'd never made cold brew before & I'm amazed at how easy Hugo's cold brew packs are!! The aroma also surprised me (yum!) & it's so tasty. I snuck a sip after it'd been brewing for barely 7 hours & it's already fantastic. 🤎 #impressed