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Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags
Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

Bonafido Single-Serving Brew Bags

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Description: NEW! The easiest way to enjoy high-quality, craft Hugo coffee - anytime, anywhere. Our single-serving brew bags give you a coffee-house cup of Hugo's hand-roasted artisan coffee without the need for machines, pods, or extra equipment.

Just add 8-10 oz of boiling water and steep like a teabag! Our Bonafido single-serving brew bags are pre-filled with your favorite Hugo dark roast and ground and portioned out perfectly to brew a delicious cup. Unlike pods, these brew bags are biodegradable and guilt-free.

The best part? We donate 10% of our net profits to dog rescue organizations!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South America

Customer Reviews

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Eden Tropp
Convenient and great coffee!

I don't have a grinder so I thought I'd try the single serve bags....this is great tasting coffee! And I love the fact I can take it with me!

nicole mills

Awesome concept, great rich taste!

Great coffee in brew bags!

I used the bags while staying in a hotel. They are great and much better than hotel coffee that is available in the rooms.

Great Product/Great cause!

I am enjoying the single serving Bonafido bags. Delicious and super handy for traveling (yes, am going to do that soon!) I'm a fan and appreciate their fabulous customer service too.

Bonafido Single Serving Brew Bags Perfect for Camping Travel Work

Bonafido Single Serving Brew Bags Perfect for Camping Travel Work Hotel
We are regular HUGO Bonafido aficionados - 'recently traveled for the first time since last Mar.
Reticence re: using a coffee maker in hotel / rental property reminded me re: their single serving brew bags.
So - we gave them a go...YAY! DELICIOUS!
Fully satisfying flavor, consistent Bonafido roast coffee; each brew bag brews an 8-10 oz. portion.
These are individually packaged and stow easily. These will now be on every packing list / camping list in our household!
Packaging is easy to open - no hassle.
Best of all - it's our favorite, HUGO COFFEE; and portion of proceeds from every sale goes to help save dogs!
5 PAWS (stars)!